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Want to help your customers win at Sharing their Christian Faith?

Offer Them Stunning PLR Scripture Graphic Images at a 50% Commission!
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Sell these beautiful PLR Graphics Images with Scripture verses to help your clients and readers build their confidence to attract traffic to expand their personal or business followers.

Hello All, from Randy Paterson,

R-PatersonYour customers have a problem that, you can help to solve NOW! With so much talk about the importance of building the awareness of your organization, brand, or persona, socially. What can you do to help them to get noticed by rising above all the noise of so many videos, tweets, emails, posts, and messages that are flooding the internet daily?

To help your customers reach out to potential followers, seekers, and buyers, I'm releasing a PLR pack of 25 Scripture Graphic images that they can brand with their logo, links or website and share on the web, either on their own websites or through differtent social media venues.

Using spectacular graphic images with scripture from God's Word encourages folks to apply His wisdom to a variety of areas in our lives, such as integrity, honesty, faithfulness, love, and so much more.

Sample Images from Share Your Faith Graphic images

Graphic images come in 3 different formats including PNG, JPG and Web-Ready graphics, which makes them perfect for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram.

Because I am offering them with Private Label Rights, your buyers can attach their own credentials such as logo, website url, and links to grow their sphere of influence as well as their bottom line with eye-catching, breathtaking, Scripture graphic images.


These inspiring, delightful, PLR Scripture graphic images are less than .40 cents each right now during our introductory pre-launch rate, but... only for a limited time!

That's $20.00 off our regular price of $29.97!

Here is a sampling of the graphics you receive in the Front End Offer of this special release:

This Front End Offer includes 25 PLR graphics to use on all the popular social media outlets.
Scripture Graphic Images PLR

Use on:

yes Twitter

yes Pinterest

yes Facebook

yes Instagram

These web-ready, PNG, & JPG format graphics are sized to look good on your social listings.

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And remember... because these graphics have Private Label Rights, your buyers can brand these beautiful quotes with their own logo or url to direct traffic from their social media accounts to their websites.

Another great way to use these images is to post them directly to a website and so visitors can share them on their Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Which helps to drive traffic for more exposure to your blog, personal or business website!

And Don't Forget the One Time Offer (OTO)
Scripture Graphic Images PLR Pack 2!

"For a limited time only" 80+ more Amazing graphic images along with "VIDEO" including Biblical scripture references from God's Word.

Offer your customers this awesome PLR pack of 80 plus images & videos for a low Introductory Price of just $29.97!

It's a $29.97 at 50% Commission to You!


Scripture Graphics Images PLR Pack

Scripture Graphic Imagess PLR Pack 2

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All images are in PNG, JPG and Web-Ready format, which makes them perfect for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

All come with Private Label Rights, so your customers can brand them how they wish.

Even at the full price of $67, these 80 plus gorgeous PLR graphics and videos are less than one dollar each.

But... for a limited time only, you can sell this collection of 80 plus PLR images and inspirational sayings for just $29.97!

That's $29.97 at 50% Commission to You!

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Here is just a sampling of the graphics in this special release:

Scripture Graphic Images PLR Pack 2

Scripture Graphic Images PLR Pack 2
This OTO includes 80 PLR graphics to use on all social media channels.

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Red Checkmark Pinterest

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These web-friendly PNG graphics are sized to look good on any social media (1000x1000) and tested by me.

Scripture Graphic Imagess PLR Pack 2

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Your PLR Rights:
You may usethese images on your website.
You may use these images on your social media accounts..
You may brand these images with your name, brand, logo, and website url.
You may use these images in downloadable or printed material.
You may NOT resell these images as is. If you would like to sell them, you can easily become an affiliate through JVZoo.
You may NOT claim copyright to these images.
You may NOT give away these images for others to use.
You may NOT pass on PLR rights to others.


Scripture Graphic Images by Share Your Faith Products